About Petmex in USA

Petmex Company is a Polish manufacturer of natural chews for dogs. We offer dried products produced from high quality natural ingredients. Modern technology and innovative solutions let us manufacture chemical free dog snacks with long expiration dates due to thermal treatment methods. As our brand is becoming more popular and demand on our products is still rising we decided to open a warehouse in the USA for easier logistics and faster delivery. At Petmex Company we pay extra attention to our client's needs – we want to provide the best natural treats to every dog and its owner, the best from nature.

Modern technology

Modern technology allows us to manufacture natural dog snacks while staying in harmony with the environment. We use high quality ingredients delivered by trusted suppliers.

Growth oriented

We are a modern company that wants to grow and expand. More than 80% of our products are being exported.

We cooperate with many companies not only in Europe but also in the entire world. We’re constantly increasing the number of satisfied customers.

We want to meet our clients’ expectations and deliver high quality products for dogs and puppies.


Controlled production process

We manufacture natural dog chews in controlled conditions. Veterinarians make sure that our snacks are safe for dogs and puppies.

In addition we implemented a special system called Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) which ensures that our products are safe to use.

We also comply with Good Hygienic Practice (GHP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


We like challenges!

We’re always working on implementing innovative solutions which help improve the well-being of animals.

We participate in different projects that support companies’ growth such as Innovation Coach or Program Inteligentny Rozwój.

We want to manufacture a specialized dietary supplement a natural chew with a unique shape tailored to every dog’s teeth.


Natural chews for a dog

Dogs love our chews as snacks between meals. They help them relax and have a little fun.

High quality beef, pork and poultry contain lots of nutrients necessary in pets’ daily diet.

In our offer you’ll find venison, rabbit, lamb, horse and fish natural chews.

Natural chews like bones, skins, tails, feet and convenient meat stripes will grab dogs’ attention with their aromatic scent and excellent taste.

Tasty treats for pets

Here’s some of our products.


In our offer you’ll find natural treats for dogs manufactured by a thermal treatment method using high quality ingredients. Our snacks are chemical free and they don’t contain any artificial additives.

Why Petmex Almost 10 years on the market
Why Petmex Cooperation in 20 countries
Why Petmex Over 140 products in offer
Own production solutions
Why Petmex One of the biggest manufacturers in Europe
Why Petmex Excellent geographical location
Why Petmex White and private label service
Elastic packing service
Why Petmex Storage possibilities
Why Petmex Door-to-door
delivery services
Why Petmex HACCP
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
Why Petmex Innovativeness and trend following


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